Adia's First Ride on Plane

Halo My Name is 9.5 Month Adia!
This is my first time for riding a plane. So far im so excited! this is my picture that my mom caught me in the plane. i was so happy reading (and chewing) the magazine..

Finally arrived at Changi International Airport. Yay!
Actually i dont like if my Dad taking me like this, like i am 3 months baby. yes, 5 Minutes after this picture, i cried! :D

wawwww.. The MRT is so cool right!! I like the beep lamp that shows the route..and when lamp can make a sound, its so funny to me that im giggled to my self!

Im so tired today so i slept on my stroller. I met so many people smiling at me, kissing and play with me around along the journey. People in this country are so nice!

Orchard Road! Yayy! I love the birds i want to take them home and make them my dinner :D

Also love the cable car in Sentosa island..
But i hate it at the same time because my holiday have to end..
Thank you mom and dad for taking me here..

Kei Radhiyya Akbar

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